Intuitive Embodiment photography and poetic portraits.
Capturing the essence of your being!

I believe in the evocative and cathartic power of photography. I use portraiture and embodiment photography as a means of empowerment, to help women feel free and beautiful in their own bodies. I help them to honour their feminine power, fostering a sense of alignment and empowerment in their Being.

I âme is not a simple photo shooting, but a journey of self-discovery. An intimate and sacred moment to nurture the relationship between body and mind and celebrate your femininity. Together we will plunge into the invisible universes of your Being to bring them to the surface in a symphony of alchemical images.

It’s such a passion of mine to capture the essence of humans. I am here to guide you back home, to capture your authentic essence on photos that will always remind you of your beauty, strength, resilience and extraordinary power.



My style is predominantly moody, cinematic, introspective and poetic. If it resonates in the depths of your soul, I am here for you, to help illuminate your uniqueness.

I love to make a connection with my subjects to capture an aesthetic moment, where light, natural elements and humans interact to create an instant of beauty.


The embodiment photography and emotional portrait experience is dedicated to women who wish to see themselves with new and kind eyes.

It is for you if:

  • You want to embrace the lights and shadows of your Being
  • You want your uniqueness to be embraced and celebrated with images that make you your essence
  • You wish to dedicate a moment and a space for listening to yourself, free of judgement, in which you can recount and rediscover yourself through the evocative language of photography
  • You wish to give yourself a moment of therapeutic awareness
  • You wish to reclaim authority and connection with your body, your temple
  • You wish to be seen for who you are and what you wish to be
  • You wish to celebrate your beauty and uniqueness with a creative and poetic visual symphony
  • You wish to reconnect with your body as a radical act of acceptance, forgiveness and self-love
  • You are going through a significant personal moment in your life and want to celebrate yourself to keep it in your memory
  • You want to offer ‘I âme’ to someone dear to you

It is not for you if:

  • You prefer strict poses to spontaneity
  • You don’t like my style of photography.

Are you ready to meet yourself?