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Rue Crèmieux: a colorful gem in Paris

What I love most of Paris is that, wherever you go, you always find something amazing to discover and immortalize with your camera. Yesterday, Medjy and I decided to explore Rue Crèmieux: a colorful gem in the French capital. This narrow pedestrian street is located in the 12th district (arrondissement), not too far from the busy Gare de Lyon.

Originally called Rue Millaud, the street was constructed in 1857 and opened 1865. Later, in 1897, it was renamed after Alphonse Crémieux (30 April 1796 – 10 February 1880), a French-Jewish lawyer and politician who wrote a decree giving French nationality to Jewish people in Algeria.

Rue Crèmieux reminds me a mix of Notting Hill Portobello Road and Burano’s charming streets (a little island in the north of Venice). If you have visited at least one of them you will surely understand what I mean. Lined with terraced houses all painted in pastel hues, the road differs from any other in Paris. Each building is characterized by singular details, such as trompe-l’œil murals, ancient clocks or unusual objects laying behind the windows. While walking on the street, Medjy and I almost forgot we were in Paris. The bucolic atmosphere you can breath here makes an incredible contrast with the most common grey Haussmannian buildings of the capital. So, if you are looking for something charming, unusual and not mentioned in many tourist books, make sure to visit this picturesque place.
Now, I let you discover all the different hues of this candy street!

Rue Cremieux Sign

Rue Crèmieux: street sign

Cremieux Street 1Street view

Cremieux Green HomeThe green house

Cremieux Green 1The green house with lovely purple wistaria painted on the wall (Door)

Cremieux Green Home 1The green house with lovely purple wistaria painted on the wall (Window)

 Cremieux Pink Home

The pink house

Cremieux Pink 1The pink house

Cremieux blueThe Blue Door

Cremieux Rose Home

Pink hues

Cremieux Blue Home

Blue like the sky

Cremieux Lilac house

The lilac house and the mag pie painted on the wall

Blue Door

The blue door and the clock

Peach hues

Peach hues and the Gecko

 Chat noir 1Le chat noir

Cremieux Light Blue house

The ginger cat chasing the bird

Ginger catThe Ginger cat… the real one!

Cremieux ducks Three little Ducks

Cimieux Shell

The Shell

Cremieux Ladies

Ohh, look! I feel like in Notting Hill… Say hello!

Cremieux fresco1

Oh Gosh! How long does it take to get ready? The world is waiting for us!

Cremieux Picture

Darling, we live in the most beautiful street of Paris!


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  1. chew bei colori! poi hai scovato dei particolari proprio particolari!

    1. Grazie Alessia! Rue Crèmieux é davvero una via insolita, che fa da contrasto alla Parigi hausmaniana alla quale siamo più abituati. Assolutamente da non perdere!

  2. I love the house with the green facade.

    1. Oh yes, that’s a lovely one! I love the wistaria painted on the wall! Amazing!

  3. I need to check this out next time I’m in Paris. I never knew it existed.

    1. Hi LaVagabonde! Yes, it is a lovely colorful street not mentioned in common travel books! I am sure you will love it

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