The entrepreneurial journey can sometimes be very lonely. This is the reason why many of my clients prefer to have 1-on-1 private mentoring to work on their business, and get very personalized support and feedback with an experienced and trusted mentor, not having to make all decisions alone. If you’re one of them, this is the program for you.

Mindful branding is an individual programme that combines coaching and mentoring tools to help you illuminate your brand and make it an extension of your identity. Your myriad nuances will take shape in a harmonious reflection in which you will be able to reflect yourself and recognise your authenticity. Together we will take care of your message to create an emotional bridge between you and your ideal customers.

Who is it for?

Mindful branding is designed for:

  • multi-passionate creative soulpreneurs (content creators, holistic-preneurs…) who needs one-on-one guidance and accountability in shaping their business vision with a refined and unique style aligned to their purpose.
  • soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to explore themselves in depth to gain clarity on what sets them apart and how to integrate it seamlessly into their entrepreneurial journey
  •  dive deep into self-discovery, explore who they really are and reshape their narrative where necessary.

Your business resonates not only with what you do. But more importantly with who you are. Being a soulpreneur means embodying your essence in a business in line with who you really are. Your business has a purpose and your brand is also the story of yourself.

If you’re needing support to clarify your brand, being more focused, and start off with a solid foundation and a tailor-made action plan for your project, this is a flexible package perfect for us to work together on the different topics needed in your business and move faster.

Fill in the application to understand if we’re made to work together

You are looking for a private mentoring experience tailored to your needs
– You want to work on targeted topics to evolve faster and without wasting time
– You work alone and feel the need for an external, professional point of view to open up new perspectives and find creative solutions to a problem that is hindering your growth.

If you find yourself in one or more of these situations, a private mentoring is the solution for you.  I do not believe in pre-packaged programmes but in mentoring experiences that can be fluidly shaped respecting the uniqueness of each individual.

Individual mentoring allows you to evolve quickly by focusing on specific topics of interest to you. They are the best way to learn, grow and flow faster without wasting time, thanks to targeted and sustainable accompaniment.


Showing your authenticity is the key to creating a brand true to yourself and attracting customers aligned to your values.


Acting intentionally means putting your heart and soul into your brand through inspired actions.


In order to prosper successfully, a business must be founded on deep values and inner balance.

Being true to your vision by cultivating work-life balance
Being aligned means remaining true to your vision and values and reflecting them in both your professional and personal life

Where, how and when

I work with a limited number of clients per month in order to give them the right attention. If you want to embark on a 1:1  mentoring journey with me, I suggest you to candidate well in advance to be informed about early availability.

Mentoring calls take place on Zoom, on the day and time agreed together. If you live in Paris or ‘92, we can also meet in person at my home studio in Issy-les-Moulineaux or at a place chosen together.

It's for you if

  • You cultivate several passions and are looking for guidance to help you bring clarity to integrate them into a project that is an extension of your identity
  • You are facing a period of uncertainty and feel the need to review the foundations of your brand in order to gain clarity and realign it with your vision, talents and values
  • You feel that your communication and your online presence are not very incisive and representative of your brand and you need a conscious direction, starting from you and your why
  • You have already started planting the seeds of your project, but you don’t see it sprouting yet and wish to be guided step by step towards a concrete evolution
  • You don’t know how to organise your content and need to be supported to set up a sustainable editorial calendar and start using social media as a marketing tool
  • You don’t have a concrete strategy and navigate by sight, publishing your content without a defined objective
  • You need help to define an offer
  • You are ready to work independently, you are willing to learn and commit yourself to making your communication and marketing work.
  • You are losing motivation and confidence in your potential. You feel frustrated, confused and overwhelmed by a thousand ideas and things to do. There are times when you feel despondent and want to give up.

It's not for you if

  • You don’t have a business idea yet
  • You are not going to take concrete actions to achieve your goals
  • You are not constant and do not want to take care of your communication
  • You don’t want to question your current work and strategy
  • You don’t know your target audience
  • You want everything now
  • You look more at numbers than at the value of a community

How does it work

1 – CALL

If you are interested in mentoring with me, you can send me an email, or, if you prefer, you can book a 15-minute call to tell me about your project and outline your needs. This first phase will allow us to see if we are aligned and, if so, lay the foundations for working together, evaluating a programme that can concretely meet your needs. Below you can find a series of available trainings.


Once the programme has been confirmed, and after receiving notification of the deposit payment, equivalent to 30% of the entire cost of the chosen course, we will establish the day and time of our sessions together.


At dates and times agreed together, we will meet on Zoom, or in person if you live in Paris or 92, to devote ourselves to your project and make it evolve with intentionality and in perfect harmony with your life needs.

Create your mentoring



You need an analysis of your channels (Instagram, Facebook, Website…) to understand what is missing in your brand communication and what steps to take to improve the content. If you are looking for a complete service to help you lay the foundations of your brand (AUDIT + Clarity + Strategy + Follow up) you can look at FYR

Duration: 45 min | Investment: 95 €

FYR. Brand Audit + Brand Clarity + Strategy + Follow up

to create a solid foundation for your Personal Brand and strengthen your online and offline presence.

Duration: 120min + follow up | Investment: from 897 €


Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer, in one sum or in two instalments, the first upon confirmation of the quote, the second before delivery of the strategy. As soon as I receive the first payment notification, we will proceed to set the date and time of our call.