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Hello everybody!
My name is Gianpiera. I’m a mindful visual storyteller and digital mentor based in Paris. Welcome to Good Life o’clock. A place for slow, soulful and creative living.

Passionate about visual arts and psychology since ever, I’ve gone deeper into these interests during my PhD studies in critic of cinema and psychology of images and emotions.

Today, combining my academic studies with my journey as a visual  mentor, I wish to share my knowledge and skills in order to inspire and motivate you to follow your passions, through a series of projects and personalized mentoring courses.

My mission is to empower you to start your journey into entrepreneurship by sharing my knowledge and experience on photography, visual communication and self-empowerment.

I can help you to realign with your inner voice in order to rediscover your potential, gain self- confidence and communicate your values and vision with a stronger awareness. I do it through photography, visual communication strategies and mindset, because I believe in the extraordinary power of the mind and in the cathartic and evocative power of images.

I will help you to evolve your creativity and tell your unique story.

As a visual storyteller and stylist, I specialize in still life, lifestyle and food photography.
I’m also the owner and designer behind Creheart, a brand of emotional designs, meant to elicit positive feelings.

I currently live in Paris, but work worldwide thanks to my online courses. With a simple connection my virtual studio opens the doors to all those who want to delve into specific themes about photography and visual storytelling. In general, it welcomes all creatives who want to bring out the soul of their visuals and develop their digital communication strategies to create an engaged community around their work and passions.

My mission

My mission is to empower creatives to start their journey into entrepreneurship by sharing my knowledge and experience on photography, visual communication and self-empowerment.
Photography & Styling

CONTENT CREATOR Visual contents for brands, creative businesses, social media and magazines

Visual Mentoring & E-courses

Step by step personalized mentorings to help you to reach your visual goals, find your style and empower your Self

Social media coaching | Instagram

Grow your visual presence on the social media


1-2-1 Workshops and Online courses tailored for your needs

Visual Storytelling

The Art of telling stories through images
Food Stories

The Art of Food Storytelling

Still Life Stories

The Art of Slow Living

Lifestyle Stories

Good Life & Candid Childhood Stories

Travel Stories

Te Art of light travelling

Good Life o'clock

A place for slow passionate and creative living

Photography & Styling

I love to share photography and styling tips with individuals and groups

My mission is to inspire you to explore and empower your visual creativity, releasing the uniqueness in you.
In order to do so, I’ve created a series of tailored courses (both online and in person) to share photography and styling tips with you. All my courses can be personalized to  meet your need.

Visual poetry main themes:

  •  Art de la table – food styling & photography
  •  The Art of Slow Living  – Still life styling and photography
Still Life Storytelling

Content Creation

I create soulful visual contents for 

  • brands
  • small businesses
  • web
  • social media
  • magazines

I can help you 

  • to tell your own story through images 
  • to build your own blog
  • to build a consistent presence in the social media
Sardinian Food Stories

Minimalist design

Besides being a visual storyteller I’m also the owner and designer behind Creheart, a brand of sustainable and mindful designs. You can find something more in my shop section.


Creative empowerment

 Through this journey I wish to inspire and encourage you to listen to your creative inner voice, grow your passions, and make the most of your life.

Good Life o’clock philosophy turns all around slow, soulful and creative living. It is a philosophy of hopes and possibilities. An open view on a more conscious lifestyle that focuses on what really matters for us.

I’m always eager to meet inspiring minds, so if you’re a creative and want to get in touch or simply say hello, do not hesitate to send me an email at


Stilismo e fotografia di Gianpiera @goodlifeoclock


Let's bring light to your projects
1-2-1 Instagram COACHING

  • Starting from 1 hour Time
  • Worldwide Online via Skype or in person in France (Paris and 92 area), or Italy (Alghero)
  • Feedback on your IG gallery
  • Tips to improve your IG feed
  • Q&A
  • Fast & Reliable
1-2-1 personalized MENTORING

  • Starting from 3 hours Online
  • Worldwide Online via Skype or in person in France (Paris and 92 area) or Italy (Alghero)
  • 100% Interactive & Personalized
  • 3 step by step Lessons
  • Secure Platform
  • Inspiring & Reliable
  • 24/7 Customer Support

The Art of

  • 10h - 16h Workshop
  • Instagram Coaching
  • Styling Tips
  • Photography Tips
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Q&A

Why Select Me?

I can help you to tell your unique story through powerful images that honour your nature and reflect your soul

I can help you to clarify your business goals and reach great results

Personalized mentoring sessions

Through my personalized mentoring sessions you can be assisted step by step througout your work development

Ultimate Revisions

I’m always glad to do a final revision of our work together

Soulful Experience

I can help you to boost your creativity listening to your soul


I can teach you how to create an editorial plan in order to be more organized


You can check my portfolio to have an idea of my visual work and the companies who worked with me

Start your journey with me now

My journal

Soulful visual storytelling

The poetry of everyday life

Through photography I love to capture the poetry of everyday life, creating images that tell a story and evoke emotions. I wish to reveal the extraordinary hidden behind the ordinary, and show how a simple image can tell hundreds of stories as well as a simple object can be perceived as something exceptional.