My name is Gianpiera. I’m a  life & mindset coach, branding mentor, visual storyteller and mindfulness educator based in Paris. Welcome to Good Life o’clock. A place for slow, soulful and creative living.

Passionate about visual arts, psychology and neuroscience since ever, I’ve gone deeper into these interests during my PhD studies in critic of cinema and psychology of images and emotions.

Today, combining my academic studies and work experiences with my journey as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and mentor, I wish to share my knowledge and skills in order to inspire and motivate you to follow your passions, and build a life and business aligned to who you truly are

My mission is to empower visionary and sensitive women to realign with their Essence and start their journey into entrepreneurship by sharing my knowledge and experience on photography, visual communication and self-empowerment.

I help them o unlock their potential, gain clarity and self-confidence and communicate their values and vision in the world.

I do it through coaching and personalised mentoring journeys which blend together self-empowerment, photography, holistic strategies and mindset, because I believe in the extraordinary power of the mind and in the cathartic and evocative power of images.

Ready  to evolve your creativity and  rewrite your story?

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My values Freedom . Authenticity . Creativity . Honesty . Spirituality . 

My mission

My mission is to inspire, empower and support women to follow their heart, live in alignment with their purpose and design a life and business under their own terms.

I guide them on the journey within themselves to rediscover their potential, embrace their uniqueness, and manifest abundance and well-being along their personal and professional evolutionary path.

My approach

My working approach is multidisciplinary and holistic and has been refined over more than 20 years of personal, academic and work experiences, during which I have selected and refined a special set of tools and disciplines that I use in synergy. Coaching, spirituality, visual arts, energy mastery, mindfulness,  journaling, ETF, blend together, becoming tools for introspection, communication and well-being. Their combination gives rise to customised paths, modelled with respect for the uniqueness and sensitivity of each individual.

Who I work with

I mainly work with multi-potential, creative, sensitive and visionary women who wish to find their place in the world, while embracing their wholeness and remaining true to themselves.
Women who wish to reconnect with their inner power and embody their Essence in their life and work. 
Women who share the same values as me.

You are the right person to work with me if you are: creative, multi-potential, empathic, spiritual, intuitive and introverted.

Are we a good match? Let’s connect!

How we can co-create together


Inner journeys to find your voice and manifest a life and brand aligned to who you truly are.

Mentoring 1:1
– Life design

Mentoring 1:1
– Personal branding, strategy, visual storytelling

Mentoring 1:1Intensive mindful experience to reshape your project | Brand | Life

Group program. Mastermind + Mentoring to flow and grow together


Visual poetries and creative direction to celebrate souls, brands and ordinary life.

Embodiment photography | Soulful portrait & self-empowerment guidance To celebrate your Essence, and embrace the lights and shadows of your Being

Visual personal branding | lifestyle | product | content creation. Brand visual poetries to build an emotional bridge between you and your ideal client

Still life | food | product | photography | styling | visual storytelling





Workshops | Creative lab | Mindful circles |Retreats to inspire, co-create and bloom together 

Collective journeys to inspire, encourage and empower  women in life and business. Reconnect with your creative voice, grow your passions, and make the most of your life.

Sisterhood. Collaboration. Authenticity. Wellbeing. 

WORKSHOP. Mindful Visual Poetry
COMMUNITY BLOOMING. Empowering Breakfast for Multi-passionate Soulpreneurs


Besides being a coach, mentor and visual artist I’m also the owner and designer behind a brand of sustainable and mindful designs. You can find something more in my shop section.

KITS.  To grow your creativity and connection with your higher Self

Why you should choose me

I can help you to reconnect to your inner voice, rediscover your potentials and tell your unique story through powerful images that reflect your values and vision
  • Business Growth – I can help you to clarify your business goals and reach great results
  • Personalised mentoring sessions – I can assist you step by step througout your personal and professional development
  • Mindful experience – I can help you to boost your creativity listening to your inner voice
  • Goals – I can teach you how to create an editorial plan in order to be more organized and reach your goals faster
  • Ultimate revision – I’m always glad to do a final revision of our work together
  • You can check my portfolio to have an idea of my visual work and the companies who worked with me

My awesome clients

Visual contents for brands

My journal

Visual storytelling

The poetry of everyday life

Through photography I love to capture the poetry of everyday life, creating images that tell a story and evoke emotions. I wish to reveal the extraordinary hidden behind the ordinary, and show how a simple image can tell hundreds of stories as well as a simple object can be perceived as something exceptional.